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Poker HUD

2.58 usd

HUD is the first poker tracker for Android.You can now play online poker on your smartphone with the same tools as your opponents on PC.
It analyzes in real time your opponents game style and presents important statistics that allow you to identify their profile (aggressive, passive ...).This helps you take the optimal decision.
Join the world of professional players with a statistical analysis tool.
List of supported poker rooms:WinamaxMore to come ...
Price:1,99 GBP purchase application with 1 month free discovery.After this period, you can purchase additional time via the subscription button menu:0,5 GBP for 1 week 1 GBP for 1 month You can also get coupon codes that will give you additional free time.Visit our website, a first coupon is hidden there:
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CAUTION: Poker HUD is not a game but a poker statistics software that helps you during your poker games.